Holiday Travel Survival Tips | What’s in Our Carry on

by Keziah Arnold on December 12, 2017

Traveling is arguably the worst part of the holiday season (unless you thoroughly enjoy back and forth on-the-go, in which case, teach us your ways) but even before leaving, you have to struggle with what some might think is worse than the traveling.




You don’t realize how grateful you are for your closet until you’re forced to pick and choose what makes the cut while away from home.


Lucky for you, we’ve selected our must-haves for any trip this season to help ease the process.


For your party/gathering wear, we suggest bringing a couple different style of pants. Changing a base like this is an easy way to completely turn around an outfit.


The Barfly Slim in Black Rustic Corduroy is a safe choice as the classic shade will go with just about any tee or sweater you decide to pair it with.


On the lighter side, go for the same fit in Bone. Rustic corduroy is perfect for those looks that need something slightly more elevated than jeans - but - if you’re still itching for some denim, top it off with the Button Down in Vintage Chambray for a look that’s versatile while not compromising comfort.


For a more casual ensemble, pull out the Texas Straight in Whiskey Washed Corduroy. With a lose fitting feel, this pair is just right for less formal occasions.



Pairing with one of our favorite Button Downs, the Rustic Plaid (read more on how to dress it up here) for an overall relaxed feel.


Both the Chambray and Plaid Button Downs are lightweight and easy to wear, but can be quickly layered for a warmer ensemble.


If you only have room in your bag for one big coat, make it the Classic Sherpa Denim Jacket. With smooth coating, small details, and warm sherpa lining, it’s the perfect Winter-y top layer.


For those moments of down time or long travel days, stay comfortable in the Modern Sweat. These fitted sweats are undoubtedly fashionable while maintaining maximum relaxation.


The best part is that all of these notable pieces will efficiently fit in your carry on - if you don't decide to wear one instead, that is.