Learn the Lingo | Breaking Down Must-Know Men's Fashion Terms

by Keziah Arnold on May 22, 2019

If we could include every relevant word from A-Z here, we would. Have you ever heard someone use a term or reference something with his outfit, and have no idea what it is? Arguably there may be too many words in this world of fashion to keep them all straight.

We'll briefly touch on five terms that will help with daily dressing knowledge, but if you're still wanting to learn more, visit the link at the end!




This refers to how much  the bottom of a pair of trousers fold where they meet your shoes. Breaks are a matter of personal taste, but to give you situational reference: a full break means a lot of folding, medium break means slight folding, while no break is no folding at all. Less-Medium breaks are more common due to the slimming effect they give.


This references the distance from the crotch to the top of the waistband in jeans and trousers. You're used to hearing phrases like Low-Rise or High- Waist pants; these are simply variations of the base word Rise. For example, if you have longer legs or torso, higher rises will work in your favor. Check out our fit guide if you want to see more on how our pants with fit you and your rise measurement.



This is the raised surface found projecting from a fabric. Think: flannel and wool pieces. "In addition to a relaxed, rustic look, napping also provides additional warmth."  



In simplified terms, Sprezzatura is the sophistication of Italian men's fashion. In practice, sprezzatura is the intentional effort of appearing effortless. An easy way to understand sprezzatura is the “consciously broken rule,” such as wearing loafers without socks with your suit or wearing a tie but with an unbuttoned collar.


Faux pas

A faux pas is a blunder that can occur in social settings, as well as in fashion. In other words, it's an error in (style) judgment that should be avoided at all costs. Common fashion faux pas include wearing white socks with dark trousers and wearing sunglasses indoors.


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