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    Our Story 

    From its origin in the heart of Hollywood, Stitch's Jeans has set itself apart by vowing to be different. Offering a departure from the usual, we combine beautiful fabrics and washes with wearable bodies. Stitch's holds to these standards and have cultivated a modern version of these original classics.

    Stitch’s Jeans goes above and beyond to create the most comfortable and original look for our customers. We wanted to see a company where vintage jeans were not only stylish but also durable. From our men's corduroy jeans to our loop denim, we have the style, length, and look you’re searching for.

    There is so much more to our product than just “jeans.” For that reason, we describe the look, fit, and color of all of our jeans. We create descriptive titles for our jeans like, “Dark Moss”, “Harbor Blue”, and “Dark Lavender”,  which ensures that you get the precise description of our rustic jeans. While shopping online may be easier for some than it is for others, we do our best to help everyone find their desired pair of vintage jeans. The engineering, development, and curating that goes into our jeans is something to set them apart from generic, mass-made pants.

    Each set of our jeans and shorts are given specialized names, washes, and images to set them apart, but they also include a description of the rise, run, measurements, material, and even instructions on how to wash. This description tells the customer exactly the way the jeans will fall on the body. No surprises, no unsureness, and nothing to hide.

    Each item is carefully handcrafted to be at a place that we call

    "Worn to Perfection"

    The unparalleled craftsmanship, material, and performance of our rustic corduroy jeans are worth every penny. Once you have experienced the true investment of quality over quantity – there’s no going back. We will provide for all your needs, whether it be our full-length stretchy jeans or the knee length shorts. Stitch’s is all about setting you apart from the rest.                                                                        

    Be Stylish, Be Comfortable, Be Original, Be a part of the Stitch's family.