What is Street Style? | A Brief Intro

by Keziah Arnold on June 21, 2019

What even is street style? We hear the phrase all the time, but what exactly is it referring to? We're here to give you a quick crash course intro into what it means to rock streetwear.




At its core, street fashion is exactly what it sounds like. Style curated not from big studios or runways -- but from grassroots, (typically) youth, urban street culture. It's not dedicated to one designer or one theme, but rather welcoming all designers and encompassing of all themes mixed together to produce different looks.


Instead of high fashion inspiring real world looks, the reverse is what happens with street style fashion. Outfits inspired from this culture have become more and more represented on the runway as a result of streetwear's popularity. Think of what different decades have given us: Hippies, Punk, Hip Hop, Greaser, are just a few examples of streetwear trends that gained major recognition and familiarity.


And to clarify - this is not just an American trend but an international phenomenon. Messy Closet notes that "Though the Street Fashion around the world is influenced by the street fashion and the trends of clothing worn by the youth in America, every culture has its own youth who want to make their own fashion statements."


If you search streetwear/fashion/style variations on Google, the results are endless and versatile - emulating the range of looks that qualify as street quality.




 So if there's one main thing to take from "What is Streetwear?" searches, remember that it is what you make it to be. Throw some of your favorite pieces together that maybe you normally wouldn't, and rock a new look.