Stitch's Jeans | Your New Obsession

by Jen Del Castillo on April 09, 2017

Everyone has a product they swear by. The product they get behind and support with everything they have. You rave about it, post about it, and preach about it. Why? Because you know you’ve hit the jackpot and want to share the wealth with those around you. Well, if you’re a man who loves modern, comfortable, and stretchy jeans that give you a put-together, well-dressed, masculine look by having your jeans fit and give in all the right places… You’ve found your new obsession.

Stitch’s Jeans is a modern, fitted, and personalized jean company that has many varieties of handcrafted jeans for customized looks. There are five categories that make up Stitch’s brand. The first being the Rustic Corduroy collection which is what draws everyone to Stitch’s in the first place. They have a “Barfly Fit”, meaning it has a normal rise, is slimmer in the hips through the thigh with a slim leg opening. Perfect for any nights occasion. They’re made of stretch vintage corduroy, have an approximate ten-inch rise, thirty-three and one half inch inseam is 70% cotton and 30% polyester, and is imported. The other collections include loop denim, vintage twill, cali linen, and modern sweats (yes these are jeans that feel like sweats a.k.a every man’s dream). Men who wear Stitch’s Jeans don’t want what everyone else has – they want luxury and quality that you can see and feel. If this is you, you’ve come to the right place.

All of Stitch’s Jeans have the right amount of comfort, fit, and style – they simply aren’t going to feel or look like your ordinary pants. Quality is synonymous with Stitch’s name and you can feel it in the seams. Whether you are looking for stretchy jeans, corduroy jeans, or anything in between, Stitch’s has you covered.