Upgrade Your Wardrobe | 5 Essentials for the Minimalist Closet

by Keziah Arnold on November 28, 2017

Ever ask yourself if you really need something before buying it, and end up disappointed when you decide to hold off?

We’ve all been there.

Luckily, we have a few of our favorite pieces that can always count as a need.



Accessories are a great wardrobe compliment, but when it comes to extras - Watches are timeless. Whether it's a classic and vintage Seiko or luxurious and coveted Rolex, you not only complete practically any look but stand out while looking sharp.





You have an outfit in mind, watch already in place on your wrist. Now comes the perfect something to help you walk out that door.


Classic Leather Boots  are (or at least, should be) a staple in all wardrobes. They're not only aesthetically charming, but are able to elevate almost any look with ease.


Keep it polished with the Weston Chelsea from Frye, or go to the detail oriented vintage side with a lace-up Wingtip Boot.







Stitchs products are made to wear with other perfectly crafted pieces. Which is why a signature commodity such as our Classic Sherpa Denim Jacket is waiting and ready to top off a head to toe styled must-have look.




Pairing this cozy classic with the Barfly Slim in Charcoal Vintage Twill or Barfly Slim in Black Overdyed Denim will complete your top notch look without you hardly having to try.








Essentials are worth the investment. Find a couple pieces you simply can't dress without, and make the most out of them with every outfit. 


Be gone, Buyer's Remorse!