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Tailored Talk | The Complete Guide to Stitch’s Fits

by Keziah Arnold 13 Nov 2017

Going out or staying in? Attending a party or hosting one? Traveling for a work meeting or vacation? No matter the scenario, we got you covered. From tailored fits to exclusive designs, Stitch’s has a pair for any kind of wear.


Enter: The Moto

The Vintage detailing finds an updated home in our Moto jean, pictured here in the Gardiner Wash. The cohesive fading of Light and Dark shades highlight the Moto lines for a stand-out feature unlike any other pair of Denim you’ve owed - until now.

Fitting like a glove thanks to the 98% Cotton / 2% Spandex composition, The Moto still keeps its shape without feeling too tight or rigid. With a comfortable fit through the hips and thighs with a 32 1/2” inseam, the pair falls below the ankle for a just-right length that’s ready to work with your go-to shoes.

Our Moto is a balanced blend of casual and heightened style, perfect to pair with one of our Bomber Jackets for night out or a Button-Down Plaid for that weekend dinner party.




Enter: The Texas 

The Texas is structured with a normal rise, while being anything but “normal.” Our combination of 70% Cotton / 30% Polyester partners the Corduroy and Jean for a comfortably soft texture without compromising your need for movement.

Fitting straight through the legs with a 32 1/2 - 33” Inseam and a wider than the Barfly, 16.5” leg opening, the Texas lands as a top choice for a transitional look from the office to happy hour.

Pair the Texas with a fitted, basic tee to balance the look and compliment the natural tone. Didn’t think it was possible to look this sophisticated while feeling so relaxed? Think again.




Enter: Barfly

A staple in our Stitch’s family, The Barfly eludes cool without having to try hard. With a slim fit and 98% Cotton / 2% Spandex composition, Barfly feels tailored with just the right amount of stretch.

Slimmer through the ankle with a 15” leg opening, Barfly works best to showcase a new pair of slip-ons for casual Friday at the office or your favorite pair of sneakers for those on-the go days.

Our Asphalt Wash adds an exclusive element to this already unique pair with undertones of black, grey, and hints of bronze. Make a statement that’s bold but not over the top. Try pairing with our ultra-comfortable Knit Hoodie for a comfortable travel look.




Enter: Barfly Cord

Think of the most comfortable, non-sweat pair of pants you’ve ever owned. 

Our Barfly Cord is an elevated upgrade of those. With a slightly wider 33 1/2” inseam, the Barfly Cord offers plenty of stretch while keeping up with its perfectly crafted slim silhouette. 

Aside from instantly looking custom-fit, the 70% Cotton / 30% Polyester Barfly Cord is a pair you’ll keep forever once trying for yourself.

Available in an array of color choices, the Barfly Cord is a versatile choice for any ready-to-wear work look while also allowing you to look the best dressed at any party.

Pair with your favorite blazer to dress up or our Chambray Button Down to add a classic Denim flair for a casual get together.




Enter: Modern Sweat

Spending the night in, or a lazy day out? Our Modern Sweat looks as relaxed as you want to feel.

With an average rise and 2” ribbed waist band, the Modern Sweat will rest like a jean but feel like a sweatpant. With pockets adding to functionality and a 33 1/2” Inseam keeping you comfortable, the Modern Sweat is asking to be over-worn.

The soft mix from 88% Cotton and 11% Polyester shows off a contemporary look through expressive pigment dye in a washed out shade of black.

Living for this look? Pair with our Knit Hoodie in Black for head to toe comfort. Perfect for the plane, post-gym, or couch (we’re not judging).


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