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The Weekly Edit | A Head to Toe Look for Every Day of the Week 

by Keziah Arnold 14 Nov 2017









Your energy is already spent from a weekend that went by too fast - we get it. Our classic pieces are simple without being boring, making it easy to piece together a last minute look that gives the illusion you have it together even though you hit snooze five times this morning.


The Moto in Gardiner wash works as your base here. A versatile denim with extra detailing already gives you an edge, leaving endless options for a shirt choice.


 Pair with a basic tee and layer in a jacket with our darker, Solar Wash to compliment The Moto pant without overdoing the denim look.










It’s hard to go wrong with a button-down. Effortlessly cool and relaxed while still looking sharp, it’s no wonder why they’re one of our best selling (and personal favorite) pieces.


Throw one on after the gym to the office to wear through the work day without taking away from comfort. Pick out our Rustic Plaid as an extra nod to the Autumn season with rust and indigo shades.


Our Barfly Corduroy Jeans are the ideal piece that feels like you’re trying hard without actually having to try hard. Pair with the Button-Down for a ready-to-wear work look.










Mid-week is here and while it’s not Monday anymore, it’s not quite the weekend either - leaving the question of what look you’re going for. 

Why not a blend of both? Polished and charming, coming right up.

We see the Moto here again but this time in a muted Camo wash, as an added Vintage flair. Match with a dark basic tee under the main statement piece - our Coated Bomber.  

With zipper and hem line details working with a solid black shade, this jacket is the key to a balanced ensemble; not to mention a great way to stay warm on those chilly mornings.










It’s almost Friday. Time to unbutton that button-down.


Check out our Sedona Plaid and wear with a simple under shirt that compliments the plaid without taking away from it.


 Our Barfly in Gardiner is the about as classic as it gets - medium washed denim with a Slim fit to pair well with just about anything.
















You’re tapped out on denim for the week. Switch gears to the Texas Vintage Twill this time, a natural shade here to save the day. 


Ultra comfortable and stylish, the Barfly will stretch without taking away from its fit. 


Still missing the denim? Pair with our Chambray Button-Down, a prime denim substitute that still does the classic look justice.








Ready to get out and get going in this composed yet expressive look. The Barfly Corduroy is hard to beat with built in comfort and fit that happen to be available in a number of colors.


Rust is stealing the show here with a vibrant tone that screams Vintage while working smoothly with its neutral counterparts.


Layered with our Sherpa Denim, this jacket feels even better on than it looks (believe it).









 Sit back and relax. Our Modern Sweat delivers style in the form of loungewear. Slim like the Barfly fit with an adjustable waistband, it’ll be hard to change back into professional wear come Monday.


The Modern Sweat also finds a match in the perfectly paired zip-up in our Knit Hoodie


With washed out black and spotted fading, both knit pieces are grey on their own - but better together. 



930 x 520px


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