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Apply the New Queer Eye IRL | Tips from the Show Every Guy Should Know

Apply the New Queer Eye IRL | Tips from the Show Every Guy Should Know

July 18, 2018

If by now you haven’t spent any time binge watching the Queer Eye reboot on Netflix, you’re missing out. The show is not only fun - and yes, super emotional at times - but it also gives viewers some great tips on what to improve on in your own life. Because as the Fab 5 puts it, the goal isn’t to give subjects a makeover, but rather, a 'make-better.'

We grabbed a few of our favorite words from the gurus that everyone should start living by like, yesterday.

In the realm of wardrobe, Tan France is the show’s expert and in each episode he helps explain how knowing what pieces and sizes to pick out for your body is the best style trick you can have.

"A lot of people think they can't wear slim [jeans] because they're not slim. That's not what that means. Skinny jeans are designed in a way to give you a same look for the size that you are, but a narrow version of it. They're giving you the room you need [at the waist] and they're giving you the narrow leg you need down [at the bottom.]"

—Tan, breaking the myth of what skinny jeans are (Ep. 3)

Looking for a place to start? Our Barfly Slim Hayden Black Denim is the place to start. 

And incase you haven’t already expanded your denim basics, take it from Tan to do so:

"Every man should have a pair of dark blue jeans, black jeans, and light wash jeans."

—Tan, explaining what should be in a man's wardrobe (Ep. 7)



As the show’s Grooming expert, Jonathan Van Ness dolls out tips on everything from what makes a face framing haircut to what kind of scrubs you can concoct at home.

"When you're buying shampoos, one thing you want to avoid is sulfates. It's just very aggressive for our hair."

—Jonathan, on what to look for when buying hair products (Ep. 5)

"Cold stuff removes puffiness, it invigorates the skin, and it takes inflammation down."

—Jonathan, explaining why you should wear a cold press face mask (Ep. 1)

Aside from the collection of guidance on appearance the Queer Eye guys offer, they are equally inspiring life encouragements - reminding us that things can always get better.

"Stand straight, shoulders back, and don't forget, eye contact."

—Karamo on how to rock a confident smile (Ep. 6)

You can read plenty more of the Fab 5’s sound advice here.

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