Beginner's Luck | Where to Start on Becoming Stylish (Pt. 1)

by Keziah Arnold on May 14, 2018

Let’s set one thing straight: Dressing well is a skill. And if it is a skill that doesn’t come easy to you, you are far from alone.

The good news is - anyone can learn. Just like with most other skills, you get better from practice.

We’re here to offer a few things to keep in mind while you get started on the right, fashionable foot.

Before you go shopping...

Take the time to think of other styles you admire, or would aspire to emanate. This could mean pointing out a friend who you think dresses well or thinking of an actor, musician, etc. who you find has a great style.

Even if you can’t put your finger on why an outfit on a certain person may look good to you, figuring out what you do and don’t like is the first major step. Again - understanding why is learnable and will come with practice.

Getting Started

There is one simple yet major thing to remember that can significantly reset your approach to getting dressed.


That’s it. Fit.

Wearing clothes that are baggy give you too much extra fabric to work with, resulting in a sloppy and unflattering look. It’s time to get rid of the idea that bigger sizes are more comfortable.

Knowing what sizes properly fit you, and how these fits are tailored to your body will be the biggest favor you can do for your style.

This is especially true for pants, which is why a major focus of Stitch’s goes into the fit of our bottoms. Your jeans or dress pants should not be bunched up or too long - you can wear a perfectly fitting pair of pants that not only look great, but feel comfortable as well.

Stick to Simple

The fashion world is always changing. And if you’re still getting used to developing a personal style, it can be overwhelming.

So while you’re still in the early stages of building a better wardrobe, keep your options simple.

Stick to neutral colors - you can never go wrong with a neutral palette. Crazy shades can come later.

The same goes for patterns - keep away from erratic designs, at least at first. Go with something timeless (ex. stripe or plaid) that can live in your closet forever, but also go with almost anything.

Invest in the classics - If you haven’t taken the chance to buy a few key outfit pieces, do it now. You can never, I repeat, never go wrong with a stylish denim jacket.   

Remember, you are already taking a step in the right direction. Keep the improvement going!

For continuous and future references, take advantage of how many resources are available for tips on Men’s styles. Take the time to read through GQ, The Essential Man, Esquire, or the countless number of blogs found online.