'Tis the Season | Be the Best Dressed at Any Holiday Party

by Keziah Arnold on December 14, 2018

It's that time of year again: where the parties are plenty and the sweater count is at an all time high.

Ranging from small office gatherings to all-out family celebrations, your outfits are likely to change with the the party type.

Let's go over some of the key pieces to include in these get-up's and why they'll make you subtly stand out amongst the crowd.


Touch of Tie

Pairing a sweater or jacket with a fun tie keeps you comfortable and warm while having a pop of pattern or fun color. Work around the tie as a centerpiece to build out the rest of your outfit - go with a complementary pair of socks or colored shoes to bring out the tie even more.


Color Casual

Put your festive spirit on display - subtly. If you're not a large logo or design sweater type of guy, there's a muted jacket for that.

In the words of The Gentlemanual: "..draw from the holiday color palette without directly referencing any imagery. Reds, greens, deep shades of burgundy, etc. all work well together and bring to mind the warm feel of the season.


Through Textures

For more formal-ish events, like a work party, it doesn't hurt to stick with the classics since it is a business get together, right? Go with white collared shirt and slacks but instead of a typical suit jacket, opt for a wool blazer or a winter coat to add dimension to your layers.


So before you head to your neighbor's gathering down the street or accompany your significant other's office shindig, put some thought into the outfit that may very well make you the life of the party.