Prioritize Yourself | 5 Things Every Man Should Do Everyday

by Keziah Arnold on August 10, 2018

Good habits form when you make time for the action regularly. Aside from the things in your normal day to day, there are other things that each man should work into his routine.

  1. Take a Cold Shower

Some articles say that there’s some serious perks to taking a cold shower; Telegraph states: “exposure to the cold activates the sympathetic nervous system, increases endorphin levels, and releases noradrenaline.” We know a cold shower doesn’t exactly sound appealing, so try transitioning the last couple minutes from warm to cold-ish.

  1. Take the Time for Grooming

We know most guys pride themselves on taking 10 minutes or else to get ready. And in a pinch, sure, it’s convenient to be that quick. But taking just a little more time to really focus on yourself has great benefits both physically and mentally.

If you have facial hair, clean up and trim your beard. Research conducted at the University of New South Wales found that beards were a natural indicator for judging men’s social and sexual attributes – women rated men with heavy stubble as the most attractive, while full beards denoted good parenting skill and general good health.

Comb/style your hair. Not only is it good for you physically to actually take care of your features - but giving the feeling that you care about presentation (at least enough to try) will boost your confidence and likely boost the impression others have of you.

  1. Take Breaks

Your day is likely packed from morning to night. It’s crucial for your mind (and sanity) to periodically take small breaks from what you’re doing so you can stay sharp and productive.

  1. Take Time for Yourself

Not to be confused with a mental/work break mentioned above - it’s also essential to carve out some time dedicated to doing what you enjoy doing. Whether that be reading a good book or hitting the gym, spending this time either alone or with friends helps break you out of a Groundhog Day type of routine.

Paul McGregor for Men’s Fashion Magazine says: “Spend some time, some conscious time on your own. Man time. Reflect. What that’s going to do is actually boost your testosterone and make you feel better about yourself.”

“It’s going to give you more clarity. It’s going to make you feel like you have more purpose, so make sure you’re investing time in you. Make sure you’re doing things that you want to be doing.”


  1. Take the Time to Learn

We should all be learning something new everyday. It’s not a cliche, it’s important for your brain to get a workout. If you’re passionate about something, focus on that and how you can get better at it. Fill your open time while running errands with a new Podcast, read an article on your lunch break.

Often we find ourselves losing sight of small, albeit important, things in life. Try working more things like these into your daily routine and see how it affects you for the better.