Stay Away! | 5 Pieces Men Should Never Wear

by Keziah Arnold on November 16, 2018

We love to write about the pieces that we feel all men should own at least for a time in their lives, but let’s not forget about the ones that are just so bad they inspire the need to be stylish.

We turned to the gentlemanly style experts at Men’s Fashion for some of the best of the worst picks.

Too-Long Shorts

Below the knee is just too much and will throw the rest of your outfit out of proportion. Go for more tailored Shorts with a length that rests right above the knee. The rest of your get-up will look much more balanced.



Accessory Overkill

Trying too many things at once is usually not a good idea in any scenario -- nothing changes here. Adding a watch, a couple bracelets, a few rings, with a hat, maybe a scarf, throw in a pocket square and what do you get? A small recipe for outfit disaster. We’re not all Johnny Depp, fellas.



Clothing That’s Too Tight (Or Too Loose)

We’ve gone through this before guys [see our Staying Stylish series]. Fit is the number one point to remember, always. Shopping in and wearing your actual size (not just the only you think fits) is the biggest aesthetic favor you can do for yourself.


Pointy-Toed Shoes

Honestly these should be banned at all costs. Unless you purposely want to look like a clown, never come anywhere near super pointed, curved, or angle shoes. Stick with a class soft-point boot or timeless loafer.


Baggy Jeans

So we’re a bit biased here on how your jeans should fit, but it cannot be stressed enough how important well-structured denim is for any wardrobe. You will get lost in baggy jeans, melting away any shape your legs actually have.STITCHS DENIM


Again, the golden rule is to know and wear your size while shopping around for the perfect pair.