Staying Stylish | Habits to Keep up with Being the Well-Dressed Guy (PT. 2)

by Keziah Arnold on September 14, 2018

If you happened to catch our first part on how to get in the habit of becoming a stylish dresser, listen up on how to keep those skills going.




Pay Attention to Care Labels

So you’ve generally started taking more notice of the clothes you’re buying with a purpose in mind - this was a great first step. Now, make sure you’re also taking just as much note of the care instructions (preferably before you purchase) of new garments.

How you care for your clothes could be the make or break point for how well they last over time. This can mean something as simple as separating your lights in darks for laundry to familiarizing yourself with specific fabrics so you know which pieces need less washing and are better built to last.

Don’t Overwash Your Jeans

Going off of our point above, think of your denim as a separate category in your closet. While some clothes and fabrics may need to be washed frequently or even come pre-washed for wear, jeans are a different story all together.

Proving it doesn’t take a lot to take good care of denim, Stitch’s care instructions are very simple:

  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Tumble Dry Low or Line Dry

Holding off from washing your jeans after every time they’ve been worn will not only help the way they fit you, but also help them last longer.

Hold off on the Planning

While there’s nothing wrong with planning outfits ahead of time, experts on Men’s Fashion say it may be in your benefit to not always rely on this pattern. Simon Chilvers of says “Unless you’ve got a strict uniform or dress code to adhere to, dressing with spontaneity is most likely to result in outfits that you feel comfortable in and that will suit your mood.”

It’s Always the Little Things


Becoming a well-dressed guy started out with you practicing the little things. Knowing what colors and patterns work (and don’t work) for you, familiarizing yourself with your sizes and fits, etc. To keep up with this, don’t lose sight of details when you’re putting a look together.

Take the time out to iron or steam out wrinkles; cuff your jeans, roll your sleeves if the outfit calls for it. Don’t limit yourself to the world of accessories - as long as they compliment your look without hindering it.