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The Cutting Edge | Grooming Product Essentials (pt. 2)

by Keziah Arnold 31 Jan 2019

Back in June, we interviewed LA-based Hair Stylist and Barber Shop Owner Jonathan Castellanos on his need-to-know grooming and self-care tips - which you can catch up on here. This time around, we're asking him to rack his brain on his personal recommendations along with some sound advice you (yes, you) need to hear.


What is the biggest problem you see with men when it comes to choosing hair care products?

Most often my clients and men in general  re afraid to invest in quality products to care for their hair. Traditionally they believe in 2-in-1 shampoos and a single styling product - typically, any more than that, and they feel as though they are entering into "high maintenance" territory. Men want to look good, be presentable for their partners, bosses, family and friends but they also want to be simple and not overcomplicated. The advice I give my clients and men who fall into this category is spend more money on a good haircut, and you’ll be pleased with the benefits.


If you could offer one piece of advice to men looking for a new product to try, what would it be?

I'm sorry, but I have to say it.  Please forget social media and YouTube videos. You have to touch and feel the product to know if you like it and if you’ll actually use it. With lower quality product, your hairstyle might look great for the first 10 minutes but then fall apart by the end of the day. When it comes to product, find a trusted source.  Ask your hairstylist or barber what they use/recommend and more importantly, ask them for a one-on-one tutorial on how to properly use it when you’re on your own at home.


An absolute essential for any hair type:

Shampoo! There are a lot of myths on how many times you should wash your hair in a week, if you are active, workout several times a week, enjoy the outdoors, wear styling products; your hair is going to get dirty, so wash it! I recommend a gentle, moisturizing, sulfate-free shampoo like Davines Oi. (Insert image and link)



An absolute essential for facial hair:

Just trust me on this one, get yourself a quality pair of clippers to groom your facial hair. Most are easy to use and if kept well-oiled, they will stand the test of time. It pays dividends here to invent in quality up front.

I recommend Wahl Senior to knock it down and the Andis T-outliner to line it up.





Your personal favorite styling product:

I’m really enjoying the weightless effect of Aircraft from R + Co. This is a foaming pomade that you can apply in wet or dry hair for an effortlessly cool hairstyle. It’s good for all hair types and won’t break the bank.




Your pick for best product for thin or flat hair:

Anything that gives the hair “grip” without weighing it down is a top choice in my book. Try Davines sea salt spray or Paul Mitchell Undone Texture hairspray. For limp, fine  hair, always apply products in dry hair, wait for the product to dry and then shake it up.





Your pick for best product for thick or textured hair:

Going to let you in on a little secret here.  I cannot recommend this enough - Olive Oil Hair Lotion. This is a miracle product for those with coarse, curly or thick hair. Apply in wet hair, blow dry for a polished look or air dry for a natural look. You can find my favorite brand at Target.



Your pick for best product to help with moisture in the Winter:

The winter months can be rough on our hair.  Cold Temperatures severely dry out our hair. If you notice rough or frizzy hair, it’s time to get a conditioner that is specially formulated to drench the hair in moisture. I recommend Oribe intense conditioner for moisture and control.


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