Innovation Station | How These Celebrities Have Become Fashion Icons

Innovation Station | How These Celebrities Have Become Fashion Icons

April 30, 2019

In an ever-changing, always moving world it can be difficult for people to find something (or someone) they relate to. Especially when it comes to style. There are new trends, things that are out, and constantly new brands coming into the saturated market.

So how does one manage to find a few things out of hundreds that they're actually comfortable in? Well, several sources and men's journals say that seeking someone familiar like a friend, or finding someone aspirational like a celebrity, are a great start.

Finding someone you relate to on a personal and/or aesthetic level gives you a starting point on how you'd like to present yourself. For example, if you are fit with a medium build you may look to someone like David Beckham who has a similar body type and a fantastic style to take take notes.

We are living in an age that blends the appreciation of classic, timeless styles of Robert Redford with current celebs that appeal to everyone like Ryan Gosling. To name a few...


Donald Glover


A great example of wearing perfectly fitting shorts, Donald Glover knows how to dress for his shape and height and just happens to have a great style on top of it. From different necklines to loafers, Glover's head-to-toe looks include a blend of pieces and patterns that just work.


Harry Styles


I mean, it's right there in his name. The band breakup caused a breakout for Harry's rep as a fashion icon. Elegantly dancing on the line on masculine and feminine sense, he wears suits of different colors, fabrics, and patterns.


Jeff Goldblum


The epitome of only gets better with age. Without a doubt, there are things Jeff Goldblum and only Jeff Goldblum can pull off , but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate his eclectic style from afar - and take notes on how one should wear form flattering pants. 

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Not sure what size will fit you best? Refer to our Size Chart to determine your size in Stitch's for jeans, shirts, and jackets.
29 29" 35" S
36" S
37" M
38" M
39" L
40" L
42" XL
44" XL
46" 2XL
42 42" 48" 3XL

      TOP SIZE             CHEST              TRUE WAIST     ACROSS SHOULDER
S 37" 30" 17 1/2"
M 39" 32" 18"
L 41" 34" 18 1/2"
XL 43" 37" 19"
2XL 45" 39" 19 1/2"
3XL 47" 41" 20"


Measure under arms around the fullest part of the chest. Be sure to keep tape level across back and comfortably loose.
True Waist
Measure around the narrowest part of your torso. This is usually right below your belly button. Be sure to keep tape level and comfortably loose.
Low Hip
Standing with your heels together measure around the fullest part of your hips. Your lower hip is about 8 inches from your waist.