Top Trends | Spring 2019 Picks

by Keziah Arnold on April 15, 2019

Are outfits from high fashion runways usually ready to wear IRL? Obviously not. But there are key trends per season on the runway that translate into our everyday outfits. While there are some that you may not personally pick out for your closet (we're looking at you, neon short shorts) there are others that are easy to integrate - if you don't happen to have them already.


Here's a look at this season's trends, from head to toe.





Top: Knit Polo

Men's Health praises the Knit Polo as the perfect alternative to a dress shirt or casual tee. The cotton fabric blend will keep you cool in hotter weather, while the look offers vintage yet refined vibe. 





Bottoms: Faded/Light Denim, Chino Pants

Spring is here to tell you to help you lighten up. Expand your denim color range with faded jeans that are light in shade and literally light in weight. Washes like our Aces Denim are the perfect intro.

Styles with a Twill fabric blend like the Barfly Slim in Colonial are a still-stylish and comfortable alternative to your over worn dark denim. Chinos are known as a "casual pant that works for a range of occasions, with an ultra comfortable stretch blend and a usual range of colors."





Accessory: Duffle Bags


Arguably the epitome of athleisure, duffle bags are making a big presence this season. It's a stylish essential for active living as well as a practical accessory for travel and on-the-go. Not to mention they come in a range of colors, styles, and materials guaranteeing there's a bag out there for everyone.





Color: Sage

From military tones to bright neon and everything in between, green is in. A shade like Sage is the perfect middle point on this scale. Paired well with neutrals and a denim jacket, bring Spring to life this year with Sage.